About us

Thank you very much for your interest in Nazca House! We are happy to be able to reach you through this website and tell you our history. It all started when Nancy, when retiring from a service company in Lima, decided to get back to her hometown to rest. She thought of settling in Nazca again, so she suggested to her brother Randol to buy a beautiful house in society, to share when he retired too. After a few months, Nancy became bored of her retirement, she wanted to stay active and working, so she thought about returning to Lima. That's when her niece Viana suggested the opening of a guest house; Nancy thought it was not a bad idea because she would continue working in the service sector, where she had worked for almost 30 years, and again suggested to her brother to be a society in this business. And so began our beloved Nazca House, little by little and with all the dedication and care possible it was gaining the preference and affection of the guests, and therefore, prizes to the excellence of Tripadvisor and Booking.com.

This year we wanted to take advantage of this acceptance and open a Nazca House in Lima, but with a larger family team, with their sister Elsa supporting in Nazca, and Nancy’s son Alvaro, his wife Karina and their daughter Emma completing the team at Nazca House Miraflores . And of course we look forward to Randol's return!

Our only goal is to be always a house and our dream is to make it the home of those who visit us.